A New Year Message 2024

Happy New Year to all my dear friends and family. I have a back issue I”m dealing with that means I must use a cane most of the time to get around until I get it fixed. I have an MRI coming up soon. In the meantime, Larry and I are both using canes to get around and occasionally we have a cane fight. All’s fair in love and war. Here’s my latest post.

I got up after a good night’s sleep and sang my heart out at church. I came home inspired to see what I could do to make someone else’s day better. God gave me many ideas. Then I read the Tribune that addressed the Chicagoland migrant issues. No matter how one may feel about the problems, the people are here and need our help before subzero temperatures plunge us into an artic terrane. There are so many needs out there that most faith-based churches and other organizations are addressing, I hope. Matthew 25:31 on talks about the sheep and the goats and what Jesus says about both. You definitely want to be on team Sheep, not Goats.
We rarely buy new clothes items, the resale shops give more for dollars and it’s a great way to recycle clothes and help more in need. Christmas is over, but kindness should extent throughout the year. So I end with a quote that goes along with our weather report. “Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers.” K Gibran