A New Bike for Larry??

After finishing two cataract surgeries. Larry was now ready to ride a bike with me again. He bought a new bike that was more adaptable for his foot problem. Today we went on his first maiden voyage, but he could not get his feet out of the cleats. Yikes! I could just imagine him crashing again and needing another surgery. He has had 25 surgeries already. We were ready to finally engage in activity again—- And now this? But we are resourceful and came up with this idea. He made his way to a fence in the nearby grave yard and grabbed onto the fence coming to an abrupt halt in his 4 mile journey. I got his feet out of his size 12 bike shoes and he walked home wearing his colorful bike socks. As for his shoes, they were still attached to the clips. Yes, another lifewithlarry.org moment—an adjustment solved the problem. Now how many times has God given us a fence to grab on to while catching us before disaster strikes. “God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in time of need. ” Psalm 46:1