Travels in Lisbon Portugal

I am writing from the town of Lisbon. We are staying at a new beautiful hotel called AMMA near the airport . Although we had plans to stay in a room with a family, we decided to stay at Hotel AMMA instead. It was a great decision since the service is excellent and the staff speaks English. Fernando and Ana answered all of our questions and gave us lots of advice for a wonderful time. We started out our day with the most delicious buffet breakfast which was open until 10 am. We have traveled to many cities, but never have we had a breakfast like this one. Today there were many Indian and American choices. We didn’t have a reservation, but fortunately a room was available through The room had a large TV, a King sized bed, a couch and a desk.

We also have had a wonderful hot shower each of the three days. Yesterday we visited St Michael’s Cathedral on the Atlantic ocean. We love all the history connected with Lisbon. It is a safe and friendly country filled with wonderful people and the cuisine here is healthy and delicious. It’s a cosmopolitan city much like Chicago where we live, but without crime. Later, I will write about our time in Sintra at the Casas de Biquinha. It too was a great experience with places that take a person back to the 10th century. To answer questions, I can be found on Face Book Sue Schuerr Chicago or Instagram. My email is [email protected].