Will We Ever Get Home, No We’ll Never get Home

Will we be home today? Maybe once I get Larry up and moving. But Larry deserves much rest. We went to a wedding in Colorado Springs on our way home from visiting our kids and grandkids in Montana. We met a sweet Hispanic couple who flew into Denver for the wedding instead of Colorado Springs. They took a train and then a taxi which cost them $160. When they told us of their dilemma, Larry offered to take them from Colorado Springs to the Denver airport, an hour away. But not only did Larry drive them to the airport to return to Chicago, but he had to get up at 4:45 AM to get them to their flight. Now Larry is not a fan of early mornings. So sleep Larry, sleep and get us home today. In addition, he changed a flat tire for a young boy while instructing him about how to change a tire, and just as we finished helping the boy, we see another elderly gentleman on the campus of the Air Force Academy where we were camping, examining his flat tire. We ended up taking him home. We may never make it to our house today if he sees others in distress. But I do love the man I married years ago on July 6th.