The Land of Many Lakes and Bike Trails

It doesn’t take long for Larry to want another adventure in life.  He had back surgery on July 9th. It was July 25th when we took our trailer up to Lake Farm Campground about 4-5 miles outside of Madison’s Capitol building.  The weather was a bit windy but perfect for a bike ride pass Lake Mendota where we saw a class of scuba divers and many fishermen.

At one point, we asked a woman the best way to get to the Capitol where we were going to stop for coffee. She said, “Just go around the bend and you will see a bike elevator to take you near the Capitol.  A bike elevator I thought—how clever and thoughtful of the city to provide such a thing. Soon, I clicked this picture.

After back surgery a few weeks ago, Larry rides the tandem with me to Madison, WI from our campground.

If you are looking for a getaway that is close to Chicago and the suburbs, think about traveling to Madison. There are endless campgrounds and trails for biking and hiking.  Being a university town, it has all the perks of entertainment to enjoy as well. We chose to go to Madison because we could camp right on the bike trail and it was flat for Larry to work on his therapy.

It was a great step for Larry but his endurance and strength still has a long way to go.  He took a long nap afterward to recharge. Formal physical therapy starts tomorrow.

We hope to return to Lake Farm Campground or another nearby campground in the fall to enjoy the endless trails and to possibly take our kayak up to this wonderful outdoor-friendly town. We hope you can join us when Larry is in better health and has greater stamina.  For more information, see and sign up for their newsletter.

No footing Around

As part of Larry’s back surgery therapy, we went to Pro-Fitness to work out on a stationary bike and light weights. On the way home, he mentioned his concern about how painful his foot was and wondering if he was developing a hammer toe. When he got home, he took off his shoe and a stuffed sock in the toe area dropped out. We both had a hearty laugh. It was the first we have had since surgery on July 9th.

By the way, I certainly move quickly if his foot descents anywhere near mine.

For Better or For Worse

When taking marriage vows, it includes for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part. Over our many years of marriage, we have experienced all accept death.    I once met an elderly man waiting in line for coffee at Panera.  Looking outside,  I said, ” What a miserable day out there!” He said, “Every day I wake up is a good one whether it be a storm, a hurricane or a blizzard. I am here and I am still alive,”he proclaimed with a little dance step.

Larry had back surgery– the damage was the result of years of construction work and sports-related accidents.  The stress finally caused bulging discs, bone spurs and a pinched nerve that made it difficult for him to walk.  Fortunately,  our teacher and military pensions have covered the cost.  But it’s July  2018 a very hot summer without air-conditioning and with a plethora of mosquitoes.  It is testing our relationship. This is my former Marine husband who built our home, who tackled any task that came his way and who used his many gifts to help others. Now, I am his often inadequate caregiver and chauffeur. It has been difficult to see this happen but I thank God that Larry has a future. “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble.” Job 2: 10.

As I write this entry, I’m looking out the window at the flowers and trees in our yard.  We are engulfed in a green splendor with a chorus of birds singing at 7 AM. A stillness helps me tune into my Creator with thanksgiving as we take each day for Larry to once again heal and do the things he loves.  I think of those who will not heal and whose condition will worsen with time.

Yesterday, we got mail from World Vision about the child we sponsor. They asked us to consider sponsoring yet another child, a 12-year-old boy from East Africa. I was hesitant since we also have one from Compassion International: but Larry really wanted to help this boy.  We read that one of the boys from the soccer team in Thailand trapped in the cave with his coach was a Compassion International boy. And that the boy who discovered where the team was located was also a Compassion International boy. Both organizations are doing great things to help kids in poverty grown up to have meaningful lives.

As we face trials, I am reminded of those who need far more help than we do.  It’s a  (For Better or Worse) time and we hope to learn the lessons  God wants to teach us to develop a life of character and compassion for others.  We know we are not alone—-thanks to family and friends. The better times will come.

Hats the new owner gave us to combat the intense sun while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.