When you Help Others, You Help Yourself

Love INC Southwest Helps Single Mother

“I want to help others through Love INC like I was helped.”


Tammy, who thought she could never get pregnant, became a mother on August 9th. Her family wanted Tammy to have her own place near them so she purchased a trailer in Wauconda. The owner assured the family that the place needed only minor repairs. As it turned out, there was mold in a large portion of the trailer. Having used all her funds to purchase the trailer, there was nothing left for a redo. But then Tammy and her mother, Tina, heard about Love INC Southwest. After an in-depth assessment, Tammy was approved for help. A construction team, led by Larry Schuerr, gutted the trailer, dry walled and painted it. They replaced rotted wood and added new fixtures where needed. The volunteers, including Tammy’s brother David, gave of their time, skills and energy to make the trailer a safe haven for Tammy and her baby, Joseph. A local church named Fusion heard about Tammy and helped clean and move her in. As a result, they developed a relationship with Tammy who now attends their church. The trailer remodeling project has opened the doors to many new friendships. Tammy knows she is not alone. She is now settled in and is looking forward to an open house for all the volunteers who helped make her dream come true. “I feel so blessed to be a mother at 36 years old. I will enjoy every moment with my son. I look forward to Boy Scouts, church activities and sports with him. I also want to help others through Love INC like I was helped.”

Why Volunteer for Love INC Southwest

No matter what church you attend, you too can be the hands and feet of Jesus by helping those in need. The trailer project required many volunteers with various skills. The Body of Christ under the umbrella of Love INC came together to enrich Tammy and little Joseph’s lives.

They worked through the hot and humid August and September weather. It did not dampen their spirits.

Comments from the Volunteers

  • “We just wanted to help Tammy and her family. They are very important to us, said volunteer–Tammy Seymour.
  • “I like helping. I want to be useful for God. It is an all-around win-win situation for me, “said Dennis Blake.
  • Sam Hanasz and his daughter, Katie, were busy plastering the walls. They saw the Needs Alert email and responded. “It’s a time to bond and acquire some skills,” said Sam. My daughter, Katie, learned how to effectively use measuring tools.”
  • Mark Notle from the North Suburban Mennonite Church said, “Its God’s gift of grace to us. He gives grace to love our neighbor.” That is his motivation.
  • Steve Schmidt from Willow Creek Community Church heard about the project from Larry. Steve, a very skilled experienced volunteer, was busy putting up dry wall when he humorously said, “I don’t know why I answer the phone when Larry Schuerr calls.” But it sure is a male bonding and giving experience for him.
  • Donna Pearl, who attends Alpine church, was walking her dog and saw the Love INC poster. Her friendly dog pulled on the leash leading her to Tammy’s trailer where she saw Larry who had done minor repairs on her trailer. She was delighted to live close enough to offer her assistance by regularly donating water and pop for the volunteers. Donna said,”There was a time when I could not help because I wasn’t right with myself. But God has changed me.” Receivers in Love INC often become givers.

For more information about how you can serve with Love INC Southwest or if you want to be placed on the Email Alert notification list, contact Jeanne McGowan at 847-459-8835.






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