The Family that Plays Together

imageWe enjoyed a Montana Christmas 010wonderful family time in Montana with unseasonably warm weather.  We stayed at a cabin in Silver Gate near Cook City and skied in Yellowstone with Aaron and Lynelle and grandsons. It was a late Christmas celebration. We had no Wi-Fi and no telephone service… just electricity. It’s the greatest way for family bonding.  Praying with your kids and grandkids is important but playing is as well. I have memories of running up and down playground equipment playing tag. Larry has been described as a little boy in a big boy’s body.  Camping is another wonderful way to bond. There is something about our memories of camping at Devil’s Lake while sleeping out under the stars that stays with me. But we have even slept in our backyard minus a tent well before mosquito invasions. I guess the main point is breaking from routine. Yes, the family that prays and plays together stays together. How do you make memories and break the routine?


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