what’s been left behind?

Have you ever left something important behind while traveling? How did you handle your problem? It was the 5th Anniversary of our book club’s summertime get-away. I meticulously packed my suitcase for our two night escape to beautiful Lake Arrowhead in Central Wisconsin, 4 hours away. I had all my bags ready to pack in my van. I stopped by Michele’s house to pick her up and put her things in the back of the van. We excitedly made our way to Renee’s house where we transferred our things. Renee loves to drive and she is like Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rainman—–an excellent driver. After our 4 hour drive talking non-stop, we finally made it to Chris’s summer home at Lake Arrowhead. I ran into her house to use the bathroom while they unpacked the car. Renee said that’s it—everything is out of the car. “What,” I said. “It can’t be. My suitcase is not here.” “It’s all out of the car,” she said again. My glee at having arrived quickly evaporated to depression. How could I have left my suitcase behind? Yes, I put it behind the passenger seat not the normal place. As I was figuring out how I could live in my current clothes for two days. My friends quickly piped up. “Sue,” we will take care of you. ” That is exactly what they did. I got night clothes and a tennis skirt and top from Chris. I got a lovely blouse to wear on our evening out from Michele. Then there were jeans and a necklace from Annette. I got two pairs of shoes, toothpaste/brush and most importantly makeup from Cleora. With a sigh of relief, I could enjoy the two day extravaganza planned for us. At least, I had my food contribution and I gave the book club sisters a chance for a hearty laugh. Never have I loved them more as they offered me more clothes than I ever could have worn. “A true friend is always loyal, and a brother/sister is born to help in times of need.” Proverbs 17:17. Now I don’t recommend leaving your suitcase home, but I didn’t miss the lack of clothes to wash when I got home. This is not a lifewithlarry.org story, it’s life with Sue! See the next entry of another lifewithlarry.org blog that happened when I got back home.

Getting ready to go out for dinner. I put little heels on.

2 thoughts on “what’s been left behind?”

  1. Sue,

    I read a number of your posts. Nice. You must be an English teacher retiring. Does that just mean you are putting on new tires? I hope they roll to our neighborhood again.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I must write since it’s in my DNA along with music just like you must teach. Good to hear about your wonderful children. Maybe we can come sometime this winter if you have something for us to do. I’m still working on my Spanish with my Hispanic friends.

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