Just Follow the Sun to Chesterton, Indiana and the National Lake Shore

It’s Mother’s day, May 13th, and it’s raining with temperatures in the 40’s. I checked the weather in Chesterton, Indiana, a place we enjoyed biking and camping in the past. Less than two hours from us, the sun was shining on beautiful Lake Michigan. Since we planned our Mother’s day celebration for next Sunday, I woke up Larry and said, “We are going to get out of Chicagoland and enjoy a day in Chesterton, Indiana with a stop at the National Lake Shore Dunes. Larry was more than eager to go.   The weather got better with every mile.

We had brunch at the beautiful Volstead Restaurant in downtown, Chesterton. Since the place was for reservation only, we had to sit at the bar which meant we got waited on faster. I ordered a delicious Sprout Breakfast Bowl and Larry ordered Blueberry Cream pancakes. We both had a mimosa to drink—a wonderful brunch.

We spent some time at the park across the street, and then headed to the National Lake Shore where we often took our bike club. After walking along the shore, we checked  out the houses from the 1933 World’s Fair where they found a permanent home  on the National Lake Shore.  There are a plethora of unique homes along the shore and in front of one was a stone structure I have included in my picture gallery.  I hope you will consider visiting this summer. It is well worth the trip.

It was a wonderful Mother’s day. May 13th, 2018

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